Adding a Pergola to Your Home

You can go many ways to have a pergola in your home. You can either build one by buying all the lumber and hardware, buying a kit and assembling it, or hire a contractor to build one for you.

If you decide you want to build one the best way to go about this is by following plans. You can find pergola plans here at  construction website, or by doing a search.

Should You Build a Pergola Yourself

pergola plans with guide and material list PDF download

Shown here is an easy pergola design

The structure of a pergola is very basic and can most of the times can be constructed by anyone who is handy with tools. You will need to plan out this project from the beginning to avoid any mistakes.

Begin by locating a suitable location and measuring the area. Most times pergolas are built on top of existing patios or decks. Next get an idea of what you want the design to look like and take notes to make your plans.

The best way to go about building your own pergola will be by purchasing plans you can download. You can find these online in PDF format. The plans you buy will make it easy to build as it will include a material list and show you how to assemble it.

Pergola Construction

Shed Construction

Shed Construction

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If you will be adding a shed to your home there are some factors to consider before you begin. A very important factor will be the regulations and permits that may need to be obtained. Check with the zoning department to find out any requirements before you begin construction. The next factor to determine will be to build it yourself, buy a kit, or have a company do all the construction. If you will be building it by yourself and you are a first timer it is important to acquire shed construction plans to avoid costly mistakes. See the shed construction plans from with full details and drawings, great for first time builders.

Constructing the Foundation

Foundations for sheds can be built out of wood or concrete. A wood foundation will be easier and will allow the shed to be moved if required. A wood foundation is usually built using pressure treated 2×6 lumber. The foundation will usually sit on gravel to prevent moisture.

Constructing the Walls

The walls are usually built using 2×4 lumbers just like many of the homes. The wall studs can be spaced 16 to 24 inches apart. The construction of the wall frame can be done on the ground, and then lifted into place with some help. When all the walls are secured in place you can add the siding. There are many different types of siding follow the instructions for installing the siding you have chosen.

Constructing the Roof

There are many types of roof designs that will determine the look and functionality of the shed. The most common are the gable and the gambrel. The construction of the shed is built using 2×4 or 2×6 lumbers. This is the most difficult part of the entire construction. It is advised to follow shed blueprints if you have no prior experience.


If you want to build a shed the right way you must follow blueprints. Plans for the construction of sheds are available online, begin here. The blueprints will give you all the measurements for all the parts. The most important and probably the hardest part is the assembly of the truss. If you have your blueprints all the details for the length and angle cuts of the rafters will be drawn out for you.

How to Level the Ground for a Shed

Plans for a Simple Bluebird House

Bluebirds are beautiful birds to have in any home. Over the past years the bluebird population has been declining in the United States. Some of the reasons for the decline are because of new development that takes away their homes. Other reasons include the use of pesticides and global warming. By building bird houses and putting them in your home you give them an opportunity to nest and populate.

Location for Bird House

It is very important to find the right location otherwise the birds will not take habitat. There are several factors to consider when choosing a location. The bird house should be in an area were predators will not get to it. Also choose a location that is quite and does not have so much traffic.

Benefits of Bird Houses

Building bird houses can be a great hobby. Getting your children to participate will also have many benefits. You can find many sources for bird house plans online.
When the birds take habitat in their new home you will be able to enjoy watching the birds raise their family.

Create Bluebird Habitat – Make Your Own Bluebird Trail