Design a Resting Area in Your Backyard or Garden

Building Benches and Tables

weekend DIY projects - benches - picnic tables

Simple to build weekend project.

When it comes to building your own picnic tables make sure you have blueprints to follow. Avoid the confusion and save yourself lots of time by going out and getting a book or some plans on the basic construction procedures.

A picnic table made of wood is built using 2×4’s or 2×6’s. There are many shapes to choose from such as a rectangle, circle, octagon, or square. If you want to accommodate lots of people consider a large rectangle table. The seating of the table can be attached or you can build the table then build the benches separate.

It is rather simple to build this project yourself. Go here to see plans WWW.DIYGARDENPLANS.NET @ PICNIC TABLE the table here will sit six adults very comfortable.  To complete this specific project it will take a full day but it will also depend on the experience you have. If you have very little experience do not worry about it. With all the details given you will just have to follow all the steps until completed.

Backyard Focal Point

Now that the temperatures are getting warmer you will want to spend more time outdoors. When you have those barbeque gatherings you will need lots of seating for the guest.  Another project that will go well with a picnic table would be a pergola. A pergola will make a great focal gathering area. The picnic table and grill can be put nearby to make the area pleasant.

Picnic tables are very functional. If you enjoy your garden but are lacking an area to go and rest then this project should be in your to do list. The one I built was a classic design, and it only took me two days to complete. I actually finished the built in one day and the following day I painted it. This table was built five years ago and it is still very sturdy and looks great. I am sure this table will last me forever. The important thing to remember if you want it to last long is paint it. If you paint the table it will protect it from the elements and it will last many years.


Bringing Chickens Home

DIY Chicken CoopBefore you go out to get chickens you will need to have a home ready for them. The chicken house should have plenty of ventilation, a roost, a chicken door wit a ramp, and a large enough door for cleaning and maintenance. You will also want the coop to have a nesting box attached to make getting the eggs easy.

Chicken Coop Plans

It is without a doubt if you use chicken coop plans to build the results will come out better. If you want a nice looking coop look for plans like these here to get you going. Some basic plans will give you ideas on how to construct and custom build it to fit your needs. The plans shown here have everything that is required for the chickens. Another great benefit about these plans are the details provided to make the task effortless and keep you on track. When it comes to building a coop don’t try to save money by skimping out on plans, this is the most important part of the build.

Before Bringing The Chickens Home

Before you go and bring home the chickens you will need to know if it is even legal for you to have chickens in your area. Check with the zoning department in your area to determine the laws and regulations required. Some areas will allow hens in your backyard but will not allow roosters. This will not be a problem if you are raising chickens for eggs as hens do not require a rooster to lay eggs.

Have the coop ready with bedding inside the coop to make clean-up easier. Have fresh water and feed available. If you live in a cold area I would recommend installing heat lamps inside the coop. The chicken coop should be attached to a chicken run or pen so the chickens can have room to move freely. Always pay attention to details and make sure the new home for your chickens is safe and secure from predators.

More details on coop building here.


Best Storage Solutions

The best solution for storage is getting a storage shed. Sheds come in many sizes so finding one will not be a problem. You can purchase a kit and assemble it or you can buy lumber and build one.

If you want a shed that looks good, will last for many years, and can be customized, consider building one using plans. Plans are essential when it comes to building any project, even professional builders will use blueprints to build. It does not matter if you are building a project that is small or big, using plans is the ideal way to build.

Most of the materials required can be found at home improvement shopping centers. The tools required will be basic and you will probably own most of them already.

The best part about constructing your own is the satisfaction knowing that it was built by you. If you have never built anything before a project like a storage shed will be easy and fun.

All the information to frame, shingle, installing doors and windows can be found online for free. There are also many videos that are very helpful if you need information on a certain aspect of the build.

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Construct A Classic Picnic Table With Easy DIY Plans

Need a place to sit and relax or maybe a spot to gather with family and friend outdoors to enjoy an outdoor meal, adding a picnic table to your property can be a great solution. There are many styles available. Home improvement depos offer a good selection of pre made tables, but they can be expensive and the quality may not be to good. Buying lumber and building it yourself will not only save you money, the end results can be a better table built to suit your requirements. See these picnic table plans with PDF download here. One great thing of doing it yourself is you can build it to the exact size you require, design it your way and paint or stain it the way you like..

Building one yourself is a very rewarding project whether you are a beginner or experienced woodworker. The type you decide to build will depend on your time, ability, and tools you have available . A traditional picnic table will be simple to build and can be completed by most folks in one day. If you enjoy building projects a miter saw can be a great tool to own. It will cut accurate and consistent angles without much time or effort. You may also want to replace a hammer and nails with wood screws and a drill. Nails will not hold as strong as screws over time and usage.

Picnic table plans are a good place to start if you do not want to design one yourself. Most tables will have several angles that are not 90 degrees. It is often easier to refer to plans than to try working out these angles yourself. Picnic table plans will come with all the details, such as measurements, illustrations, and directions to assemble.

Buying the lumber will as well be another thing to consider. Some designs may use 2X6 lumber for the seats and table top. All the supplies the plans will call for can usually be bought at home improvement centers. Pine is the most common lumber used to build. If you want your table to last, buy the treated lumber. If you must use untreated lumber, be sure to paint it. If however you use pressure treated wood, it is a good idea to wait a couple month before you stain or paint. There is no doubt this project will bring lots of outdoor enjoyment for years to come.


Choosing The Best Storage Shed – Basic Tips

Storage Shed Uses

It can be used to store your garden tools, camping equipment, bikes, or just basically stuff we don’t use often. Or you can use them as a shelter for potting plants, or a work space. Storage sheds will come in many styles and sizes for different needs.

A Shed has is a Simple Design

Most likely it will be set on a concrete base or on a skid foundation made of wood. Check with your building department to determine what you are allowed to build. If you don’t want an ordinary shed, adding details such as trim, windows, shingles, and doors will make your shed from ordinary to beautiful. You can make an ordinary shed look stunning just by adding some simple details. The way you intend to use this space as well as choosing a design to blend with your home or landscape will be things to consider. Will it be used as a workshop or a storage? It can always be both, part storage and part work space. Choose a design and size that will meet your requirements.

First thing to Consider will be Size

Find out what you can accommodate on your property. Make a list of what you will be putting inside, such as patio furniture, outdoor grill, bikes, etc. If it will be used as a work place, make sure to leave room to move around comfortably. You will also need to add lighting. If you are going to be using this space as a small workshop you well want to place extra attention to the location you pick. Keep in mind that south facing windows will bring in very nice sunlight, but may also produce to much heat. The most common designs to choose from will be the barn style, gable roof, lean to, salt box, and the hip roof. A gable shed has two even roofs that join together to form a triangle. The barn style will have a roof with two sloped pitches on both sides giving it a barn appearance. A lean to has only one slope from front to back. The hip style shed has four slopes on each direction of the roof. Storage shed Kits can be purchased in a wide range of materials. For low maintenance a vinyl shed can be ideal. Some of the advantages of having vinyl is that it will not rot like wood, or rust like metal. Wood sheds are very sturdy and can handle heavy loads such as snow. You can as well match a wood shed to your home by painting it and adding shingles. If you are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend to much a metal shed can be the most affordable. When buying a metal shed, make sure it carries a warranty against rust. By doing some basic maintenance these sheds can last a very long time.


Adding a Pergola to Your Home

You can go many ways to have a pergola in your home. You can either build one by buying all the lumber and hardware, buying a kit and assembling it, or hire a contractor to build one for you.

If you decide you want to build one the best way to go about this is by following plans. You can find pergola plans here at  construction website, or by doing a search.

Should You Build a Pergola Yourself

pergola plans with guide and material list PDF download

Shown here is an easy pergola design

The structure of a pergola is very basic and can most of the times can be constructed by anyone who is handy with tools. You will need to plan out this project from the beginning to avoid any mistakes.

Begin by locating a suitable location and measuring the area. Most times pergolas are built on top of existing patios or decks. Next get an idea of what you want the design to look like and take notes to make your plans.

The best way to go about building your own pergola will be by purchasing plans you can download. You can find these online in PDF format. The plans you buy will make it easy to build as it will include a material list and show you how to assemble it.

Pergola Construction


Shed Construction

Shed Construction

Image from

If you will be adding a shed to your home there are some factors to consider before you begin. A very important factor will be the regulations and permits that may need to be obtained. Check with the zoning department to find out any requirements before you begin construction. The next factor to determine will be to build it yourself, buy a kit, or have a company do all the construction. If you will be building it by yourself and you are a first timer it is important to acquire shed construction plans to avoid costly mistakes. See the shed construction plans from with full details and drawings, great for first time builders.

Constructing the Foundation

Foundations for sheds can be built out of wood or concrete. A wood foundation will be easier and will allow the shed to be moved if required. A wood foundation is usually built using pressure treated 2×6 lumber. The foundation will usually sit on gravel to prevent moisture.

Constructing the Walls

The walls are usually built using 2×4 lumbers just like many of the homes. The wall studs can be spaced 16 to 24 inches apart. The construction of the wall frame can be done on the ground, and then lifted into place with some help. When all the walls are secured in place you can add the siding. There are many different types of siding follow the instructions for installing the siding you have chosen.

Constructing the Roof

There are many types of roof designs that will determine the look and functionality of the shed. The most common are the gable and the gambrel. The construction of the shed is built using 2×4 or 2×6 lumbers. This is the most difficult part of the entire construction. It is advised to follow shed blueprints if you have no prior experience.


If you want to build a shed the right way you must follow blueprints. Plans for the construction of sheds are available online, begin here. The blueprints will give you all the measurements for all the parts. The most important and probably the hardest part is the assembly of the truss. If you have your blueprints all the details for the length and angle cuts of the rafters will be drawn out for you.

How to Level the Ground for a Shed


Plans for a Simple Bluebird House

Bluebirds are beautiful birds to have in any home. Over the past years the bluebird population has been declining in the United States. Some of the reasons for the decline are because of new development that takes away their homes. Other reasons include the use of pesticides and global warming. By building bird houses and putting them in your home you give them an opportunity to nest and populate.

Location for Bird House

It is very important to find the right location otherwise the birds will not take habitat. There are several factors to consider when choosing a location. The bird house should be in an area were predators will not get to it. Also choose a location that is quite and does not have so much traffic.

Benefits of Bird Houses

Building bird houses can be a great hobby. Getting your children to participate will also have many benefits. You can find many sources for bird house plans online.
When the birds take habitat in their new home you will be able to enjoy watching the birds raise their family.

Create Bluebird Habitat – Make Your Own Bluebird Trail